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藤原 嘉騎 -   YOSHIKI FUJIWARA     

   米国 Walt Disney Company、National Geographicとフォトグラファー契約を結び、世界を旅してまだ見ぬ風景を求め撮影を行う。

世界最高峰のコンテストである2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest People部門において世界2位を受賞。さらに、写真界のアカデミー賞といわれる国際コンテストInternational Photography Awards 2018 プロ部門Natureカテゴリーで世界2位、国際コンテストTIFA 2019ではPeople部門 Goldを受賞した実績を持つ。

多くの企業から依頼を受け、JAL、アメリカン・エキスプレスなど様々なクライアントへ写真を提供すると共に、Adobe Lightroom CCプロモーションムービーへ出演する他、新聞・書籍・雑誌など数多くのメディアでも活躍している。
世界に誇れる実績を持つメンバーのみで構成されたクリエイティブ集団 Japan Art Entertainment (JAE)に所属。JAEはマーベル新作映画『ブラック・ウィドウ』のVFXなども担当する。

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  I have signed up as a photographer with the Walt Disney Company and National Geographic in the United States, and I am looking for and shooting scenery that I have never seen before.

I won the 2nd place in the world in the 2019 National Geographic Travel Photo Contest People category, which is the highest contest in the world. In addition, he has won the second place in the world in the Nature category of the International Photography Awards 2018 professional category, which is said to be the Academy Award of the photography world, and the Gold in the People category in the international contest TIFA 2019.

At the request of many companies, I provide photos to various clients such as JAL and American Express, appear in Adobe Lightroom CC promotion movies, and are active in many media such as newspapers, books, and magazines. ..

I belong to Japan Art Entertainment (JAE), a creative group consisting only of members who have a proven track record in the world. JAE is also in charge of VFX for Marvel's new movie "Black Widow".

Former professional snowboarder.

Born in Hyogo prefecture.

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